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Biggles in the Desert

If there wasn’t a Biggles book titled this, there certainly should have been.

Over the Desert Rats, 1940 style

Over the Desert Rats, 1940 style. Lyslanders and escort

I painted up some 1/285 aircraft for Check Your 6, and it took an unconscionable length of time. Some are Raiden, some Heroics and Ross, I think. Its been so long since I bought them, I’m not sure.


A flight of Gladiators

And then the matte sealer went all funny on me, causing much heartache. I managed to pull the worst of the damage back, though.


6 Gladiators and 2 Lyslanders, probably 7 more aircraft than a rational person needs

I also spent a while browsing websites to try and find the right colors. Then I gave up, because in this scale, who is to know?

Now to find some Italians.


Somewhere over the Mediterranean


Short Sunderland with two flights of Fulmars as escort. It might be safer on it’s own

It took me much longer than it should to paint these, but I finally finished. Something terrible going on with my dullcote though (probably because it is an antique at this stage). In any case, some 1/285 aircraft for Check your 6 (CY6).


One of the flights of Fulmars. Apparently the yellow tails were for recognition. Like there were all that many two seat fighters floating around the Mediterranean

Embarrassingly I don’t have a very good idea where these came from. The Fulmars are for a Friend, the Sunderland is because.. I dunno. it’s big? I’m pretty sure that some of the Fulmars are Raiden. Others are not; there is pretty clearly two manufacturers here.


Orange and red on the front of the wings too. More ‘recognition’. I think the FAA ran out of paint.

For the Sunderland, I’ve had it a while, and no idea where it came from.

In any case, looking forward to dome desert-y action eventually.