Hi there.

This blog contains the wargaming content that used to be found here. So as not to scare either the war gamers or the other folk who might read my witterings, I have separated out the wargaming content, so everyone can remain content.

I am still a middle aged alien living in the Midwestern USA. Some things do not change. And, even more than most gamers, I have a penchant for coming up with cunning plans that really, really do not work.



  1. inrepose

    Hi – I am writing a WWI set of rules and your basing for the nice WWI models on the blog look like they nearly match the 30×30 standard for infantry I am using. Would you be interested in reading the draft rules?

    • Empty Comments

      Yes, indeed we would. Like all war-gamer we collect new rules as a compulsion. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, got a little bit overtaken by real life. The basing is the standard Spearhead WWI 1″ x 1″. What scale are your rules?

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