The battle of the Alma… Sort of

It has been a quiet year for gaming, unsurprisingly. In celebration of vaccinations and the ability to actually interact with other people, I put on the Alma scenario from Neil Thomas’s 19th century war-games rules. No optional rules were used. The game was enjoyed by all, though it turned out to be rather briefer than I expected.

The British line awaits orders
The Russian position, looking across from the Causeway battery to the Great Redoubt

The rules were as written, save that we were using 28mm figures, and so I changed the distances in the rules to be measured in inches, and the squares on the map given to be 24” each.

I fear the Rifles have watched too many episodes of Sharpe on the telly
Russian Jaegers charge the incautious Rifles
Prince Menshikov is awoken by his staff for a quick update on the battle

The battle was brief because the overly aggressive British poured across the river and up the slope, rather rapidly discovering that Cannister fire is a BAD THING (to quote messers. Sellars and Yateman). I must admit I feel slight guilt about this, because I prepared quick play sheets for those involved, and I am afraid I neglected to emphasize that the British infantry outranged the Russian by double, and that thy could engage the guns from outside close (canister) range, and that the Russian infantry were more or less constrained to melee. Closing allowed the Russians to respond with energy. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

The Great Redoubt in action
The Black Watch appears outnumbered

In any case the British crossed the stream without softening up the Russians at all, allowing both the russian infantry to charge home and the Russian guns to fire at close range. They were driven off the slope in a welter of fallen lead. 

Sailors and Artillerists man the guns. Casualty figures represent hits.
Lord Raglan discusses the 3:30 at Cheltenham with his staff

We called it on turn 7. Oh well, sorry lads.

Figures are a mix of Wargames Foundry and Great War Miniatures

We hope to try some more soon.

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