Scratching the Itch

One of my favorite memories of growing up was sitting with my father and brother on Sundays, after Sunday lunch, watching the seminal BBC TV show about WWI, the Great War. Now I see it was a co-production with ABC so it must have been on that channel we watched it; to my young eyes, that was the channel with all the BBC stuff on it, all of which seems to have a darker, or gloomier appearance than the American or ITV or Australian shows on the other channels.

Early war german Artillery

Early war german Artillery

In any case, it served to spark an interest in WWI that I have preserved ever since. Land, sea and air gaming of WWI I have done; the most problematic has always been the land gaming. Forever a poor relation of WWII gaming, and the nature of the conflict has always seemed to make the standard WWII company/battalion sized game an unworkable solution. You either need to be playing skirmish, or with divisions.

Great War Spearhead has provided us with an interesting solution to the issue, as we see it, and in honour of the 100 year anniversary of the war we have been dusting off some of our old lead. We have a decent collection of 15mm early war stuff, which I volunteered to fill the holes in on; there is still discussion on the scale to be adopted when we proceed to later war, with a vociferous element demanding the newness of 10mm while I grumble that I cannot see 15mm. Never mind.

77mm Battery. and the close up makes me unimpressed with my paint job

77mm Battery. and the close up makes me unimpressed with my paint job

Here we have some mortars and a 77mm battery for the Germans, things we both found to be needed for early war. Figures are Irregular Miniatures, honestly because they are the only ones I could find with early war mortars. I have always liked Irregular though, because they have always seemed to me to paint up very well.

German Mortars

German Mortars

Though the mortars can with stands, I am not sure wwi ones had them, and I found the stands very difficult to attach, so I made an executive decision and left them off. I am still pretty happy with how they came out, at least from a distance.


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