Just for “The light of Europe”

So, one of the locals was complaining we didn’t have enough French troops for our Seven years war extravaganza. 

L’armeé Français

Of course we (not me, much too lazy) have epic amounts of Prussians, Austrians &tc, &tc, but that is just good enough. It is essential, mon vieux, that there be French.

Now we had some French, but we did not like their flags, which were old, and the basic, which was (wait for it) basic. I, on the other hand, had been dissatisfied for

Regt. de Picardie. Conde in the background

some time with the effect I was getting paining white cloth with acrylics. So I decided to experiment with water based oils (again) to see if I could produce a better effect.

This is the result. Figures are Front Rank (and I would not care to be questioned in court, or by my wife, exactly how old they are) for Picardie, and old glory for Condé in the rear. Flags are linen stiffened with white glue, and painted with acrylics.

For once, for me, I was happy. Now, I need more practice with the oil paints, but for all that was pleased with the result. Need to increase the contrast more, I think.

All the same, think they are ok to look at, and the locals should be able to use ’em without too much complaint.


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