A little discouraged

The above is my Goum army at LW nationals in Chicago this year. Why this? Read on.
Ages since I did anything here. I must admit I have not been enthusiastically gaming for a while, and that the horror of real live events has overtaken me again. I do still play some though, so this week’s kerfuffle over at Battlefront did provoke a certain interest.
For those of you who are not Flame of war junkies, the issue is this: Battlefront (the people who issues the rules) put out a schedule of tournament events for next year, indicating that participation in Battlefront events would be limited to armies made up of Battlefront product. Rather like the whole Games Workshop/Warhammer/Warhammer 40K thing. This caused some consternation among the assembled gamers on the forum. You know the sort of thing, running around with their hair on fire, threats to sue, the usual reaction of people on the internet to something they do not like. Or, indeed, of Gamers to something they do not like. Possibly the combination of Gamers on the Internet is one leading to massive instability and should be banned, something someone with more statistics, time and interest than me would have to research.
In any case, it did seem that I should take a serious look, as I am someone who really only plays Flames of war as a tournament activity. Even the games I play at home are usually in preparation for some tournament, so if this ruling from Battlefront comes to fruition, I would certainly be effected.
Let me first say that I understand their motivation here; they do spend money on promoting these events, so I am sure they would prefer their product to be used. Having said that, as a tournament participant (note that this applies to Battlefront run tournaments; the majority of them are not Battlefront run, but I would expect some form of knock on) I would certainly be less likely to trundle along than I am now. On short analysis I have 12 Flames of war armies available. There may be
more, I do have quite a lot of stuff. I would be able to play precisely none of these if a “Battlefront only” miniatures rule was applied. If some level of exception were made, say 95%, I could play two.
In case you are wondering, upon survey, I would say my stuff is about 50% Battlefront or more. I have some armies where virtually none is Battlefront, and some where the majority is. A matter of price, in some cases, choice in others, and availability in some. I am probably not that huge a purchaser at the moment, but the doubt about being able to use the stuff would certainly stop me in my tracks. I will note that I do not regard myself as being a great player, but that I have qualified for the Nationals in the USA for the past 3 or 4 years. In which, if this ruling applied, I would be unable to participate. More than a little offputting for me.
Clearly the motivation for this is the GW ruling of the same nature. I would point out, however, that 15mm WWII stuff was certainly around before Flames of War started, and certainly has been available longer. With the rather high price-point of Battlefront products I am not sure the level of participation I had in the Flames of war tournament scene would be supportable (I am going to leave discussion of size, accuracy, sculpting and quality aside as they do seem to be very subjective). I would link to to the discussion on the website, but one has to be a member, and I assume that the BF forum members are already aware of the vitriol that is flowing.
It does seem that there is going to be some form of revision of the rule, and I am looking forward to the apocalyptic storm that causes.


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