Bad Russian Armour

It has been.. god knows how long since my last post. And revealing the remnants of catholic upbringing there, and I thought I had forgotten it all long ago.
For some reason I acquired a large quantity of ineffective Russian armour. Not because it was a bargain (all battlefront models, anything but); and I certainly have no idea at this stage what I will use it for.


Look, antique pieces of junk

First we have 9 BA10 armoured cars. Yes, I said 9. What I wanted to do with them I cannot remember, but I must admit I am pleased how much better they got under Version 3 of the rules. Or at least I am told they got better, I have not convinced myself to read through the rulebook yet, but I have been told that wheeled stuff moves better and that Recce stuff no longer has to run away. All good for these guys, I suppose. I expect they can fit into a russian mid war armour list somehow. I seem to recall also that if i get creative they can be used as APCs for some Soviet infantry lists, so there is two things.

Good Grief, why?

While I can imagine some use for the first lot, these second lot (5 x T26) have no conceivable use. there is really nothing good to say about these, save that they look ok. Anyone with any ideas what to do with them, please leave me a message. They can form a platoon in the legendary mixed Tankovy list, but I am fairly sure one would be better off with T60s. Or frankly boy scouts with balloons on a stick on bikes.
Off to Cold Wars next week. It appears that I am playing FoW and FoGR. Chances of me keeping the rules straight or winning any games is limited, but looking forward to it anyhow.
I’ll try and write something up about it when we get back.


One comment

  1. Simon

    Ah yes, a very antique patina on the T26.

    When are you going to paint the boy scouts on bicycles with balloons on sticks? THAT would be a project.
    ps: Think they appear in FOW as Bicycle-mounted Hungarians.

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