More Gamer ADD

Of course, it would be unthinkable if the next thing I painted had any relationship to the last. to be honest, my gaming is a little more focussed than this output, but I do have a lot of interests and continue to try and fill them. Mostly, at the moment I’m playing Flames of War, but there certainly is other things on my horizon that I need to pursue. Besides, and my friends can tell you I have a fair amount of Flames of War stuff as it is.


We is fighting for the Pope

With that in mind, here we go. 28mm Italian wars unit for Field of Glory Renaissance, figures by Redoubt miniatures (and embarrassingly old). Painted in acrylics over some time, as I find that it is the best way to get some variety in irregular units (one of the reasons, I think painting more modern stuff is easier).

Italian infantry; Absolutely no-one fears us

The flag is painted linen, made for me more years ago by a friend. Basing is Silfor grass clumps and flowers over model railway ballast.
I must say I am fairly positive about the FoGR rules; I found FoG a bit “samish” after a while, but there is enough unit variety and period rules in here to give what I regard as good period feel. The “slogging” part of FoG where both sides run into each other and fight is reduced also, by more maneuver and more effective shooting. Altogether I feel I can recommend them for any period buff, though I do not know how they play in 15mm and have not played them all that much.



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