Ave, Caesar, nos morituri….

Some considerable time ago, one of the number of our local gamers (you know who you are, Mark) conceived of a sudden and obsessive desire to play gladiator games. You know, these guys :


OK, we're mostly naked and covered with olive oil, now what?

Why a middle aged, otherwise respectable business guy and wargamer should suddenly become

You would think the combination of Olive Oil and fine sand would be unfortunate..

so terribly interested in a bunch of muscular oiled up guys wearing leather athletic supporters I will leave for someone better qualified in the mysteries of the human mind than I am; my opinion, as much as I have one, is that it is a middle aged wargamer’s version of a red corvette, but I am probably mistaken there. Or it could be too much watching of “Rome” on HBO. I dunno.

An assembly of guys with pointy objects

We have not messed around with them yet; it took forever for me to get them painted and based, and even then I did not do that great a job. Added to that, most of our group got overtaken by other activities, family and work related. It seems to have settled down now, so I am hoping that we can get everyone together over the holidays sometime for blood and mayhem. I’m pretty sure our gladiator fan boy has some set of rules he wanted to use.
I am fairly certain that the figures are Wargames foundry, and they were the first things I painted after a long hiatus, so I really am not very pleased with them. Someone better could have done so much more, but I guess they will do to get chopped to ribbons with….


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