I painted something again

Well, despite appearances, periodically I actually paint something. Even more periodically I wrestle a camera into submission and take poor pictures of it. Case in point, these guys :


Evil Spetsnaz, complete with fake halftracks

These are the guys in Flames of war who allow infiltration and wander around in captured half tracks, and do general recce stuff. I’ve been meaning to paint a Soviet force from the Late war eastern front books, and these appeared to feature in every list I did, so it appeared a good place to start. Having never painted german stuff, the half tracks are more than a little messy, not helped by the fact that I chose

Poorly painted halftracks

to paint them three different ways. In honor of their new owners, I stuck russian guys and machine guns in there. The infantry themselves are in a rather unsuccessful attempt at Camo smocks, made even worse by my amateur photography. Somehow I managed to mess up the colour values even between the two photographs….
Of course, as soon as I did this, Battlefront announced that it was changing how Soviet armies worked, and the points values for them, so now I am in limbo again, for a few weeks, wondering what will happen.
Want the rules to change? Just have me paint some stuff for the current set….


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