Russian assault gun Battle report #3

So, a bunch of us took some time off from Flames of war, indeed, from gaming altogether. However, the lure of the lead (or resin) has taken us back over, and now we jump once more into the murky (to me, anyway) waters of FoW.
Mark drifted over to my slobby basement to try out his Guards Armoured regiment from Hells Highway. his list looked something like :

HQ 2 Shermans
Troop 2 Shermans, 2 Fireflies
Troop 2 Shermans, 2 Fireflies
Troop 2 Shermans, 2 Fireflies
Recce 3 carriers
Artillery 2 25 pdr, Observer tank
infantry tiny pioneer platoon
Michael Caine … er Joe Vandeleur.

I had

Platoon V.I. Rat, 5 ISU122, 5 Tankos
Platoon 4 ISU122, 4 Tankos
Recce 9 Rifle/MG
A/T 2 Zis-3, with halftracks

I set up a fairly busy table; and we ended up playing breakthrough, with me attacking. This left poor Mark with just one troop of Shermans on the table, his artillery, and the pioneers. Rather him than me, I suppose. I massed all the assault guns together, and planned to drive to the objectives and sit on them. I sent the AT guns as the flank march. Marks deployment had allowed me full use of my quarter of the board. Mark placed his tanks and guns in the upper left quarter.
Then, it was my go, and I immediately forgot how to play this game. Instead of keeping my stuff together, in a bunch, I separated the two platoons to go around the central village. This was, of course, stupid. I need all my stuff together, separate them and they will get destroyed piecemeal.
Mark got a troop of tanks in on the first turn, and showed that he was equally out of practice by shoving them over the other side of the board from the guys he had on the table. Here is a photo of the confrontation. I took a number of photos, but they were all dismal failures, this is the only one that came out.


The 4 Sherman could not really take on 5 assault guns frontally, and ended up falling back. I, of course, to prove stupidity is forever, chased them, leaving my other, smaller platoon fighting the rest of Marks army over the objectives.

This more or less came out as one might expect. The assault guns in the small platoon were smoked and destroyed slowly, as was the company CO., before the larger platoon could help. The AT guns came on as reinforcements, and surprising lasted a turn or two, killing a Firefly, before they died.

I bogged a bunch of the assault guns in the large platoon, making the relief even later, and of course they arrived separately in ones and twos, and were picked off that way.

Though we had a good time, I’m going to use this game as a clear example of what I should not do….


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