Army of the middle kingdom

Well, I have been terribly lazy, and not posted pictures of these FoG-AM Chi’in I have been using. Just to prove I actually do paint things periodically, here are some bad photos of the army.

One  thing to note is that it is actually quite a bit larger in castings than the “old” DBM standard. Just something to be aware of if you are considering starting one.

I’ve broken it into pictures of groups of chaps. All the figures are Curtey’s miniatures; they were painted badly by me with Windsor and Newton water based oils and Vallejo Acrylics.  Basing is that fancy Silflor grass stuff.

First group is the mounted element. There are only 4 units, one of chariots, two light horse, and one cavalry.

I have struggled to use the heavy chariots well in FoG-AM. The base size, obligatory charging and lack of speed makes them difficult for me. In the last couple of games they have  been successful though, so maybe I am getting the hang of it. Maybe. They are the only superior troops in the army.

I seem to have used the light horse and cavalry as my game winners in most of my outings. Which is fairly odd if you consider they are average troops with nothing much to recommend them.  However they have consistently done well. I’m ascribing that to the fact I am playing in 28mm, and a lot of the armies are smaller than mine both in frontage and unit count. This seems to leave a “corner” for the mobile troops to work somewhere, usually.  Note that the nomads have superior technology to those Chinese guys, because they have stirrups.  They are not supposed to of course, but oh well….

Next group is the Generals, and the “other” infantry, with 2 groups of mixed medium foot. I have 4 generals; despite the instructions of the rules,  I put them on round bases rather than normal ones, and I decided that the IC should have 2 guys on the base to avoid confusion, mine and others.

I painted the generals at the same time as another “unit” putting them more or less in the same colors. Mostly because I was out of clever ideas. The banners are all home-made, being painted on linen, with the names of chinese dishes gleaned from wikipedia on them. I would be worried about the accuracy of that that except that my writing of the chinese characters probably serves to make them completely illegible anyway.

These are the scary crossbow skirmishers. They really have very little to recommend them, save for soaking of shots from the enemy and forcing shock troops to charge. The lower hit rate against foot makes them pretty ineffectual (crossbow in FoG is good against armor, and cavalry, not so much against infantry) against other skirmishers.

This is the first 2 of 6 units of mixed medium foot, a unit type almost completely reviled in the FoG community. The front rank are impact foot and the rear rank crossbowmen. In games they are equipped with anti cavalry stakes also.  I painted them in pairs, allowing me to us the option of units that were all heavy weapons, and all crossbow. They are the core of the army, and really have served me well despite everyone thinking they are rubbish.

Heres a very poor photo of the staff group; really their function, except for the Inspired commander is to run around and give combat pluses. The IC runs around and tries to make sure that the undrilled mixed units periodically do as they are told.

This is is the only 8 stand unit I have. Armored offensive spearmen. These guys are moderately tough; I tend to use them in conjunction with the heavy chariots as the center of my line holding open terrain, ad they can stand up to many opponents.

Finally the last 4 units of mixed foot. These blokes are pretty unremarkable, though they do pretty well in bad terrain and their speed of movement does give them some tactical advantages.

So There you go. Shame I had to mess up the nice figures by poor photography and worse painting, but there you are. Just as a note, I did replace all the staves on the supplied weapons withe brass wire, from which my fingers have not yet recovered. I do hate the spaghetti spear look, and it was worth it.

The figures themselves are very nice; the metal is pretty hard, they are more or less flash free, and come in an impressive range of packs and poses. I cannot recommend them strongly enough….


One comment

  1. Patrick Donnelly

    Really cool, Myles!

    I have lost all patience and concentration, but Napoleonics were my first love. I see the insightful analysis means that Ancients are a good challenge too.

    I see good authenticity a result of your painting!

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