Chinese on the road again

Sorry about the long delay, but life rather got the better of me

So after a decent showing at Historicon (5-1, I should write it up at some stage) the Qin chinese medium foot of doom had an outing at a local house last night.
War of the Roses list looked something like
TC x 2
4 Heavy Foot Armored Average heavy weapon x 2
4 Heavy Foot Heavily Armored Superior Heavy weapon x 1
6 Medium Foot Longbow Protected Average Swordsmen x 3
8 Medium Foot Longbow Protected Average Swordsmen x 1
6 Medium Foot Crossbow Protected Average x 1
4 Medium Foot Crossbow Protected Average x 1
6 Light Foot Javelin Unprotected Average Light Spear x 1
2 Knights Heavily Armored Superior Lance Swordsmen x 1

I’m not convinced this list is entirely correct, but it is probably close.

I was not at all sanguine about this match up, thinking it likely that the longbow was going to make the use of my cavalry and light horse impractical, and those have been customarily troops I have relied heavily upon.  I also thought that the longbow was going to shoot the heck of my medium foot mixed units. It really did not look good.

WotR won the toss, and chose Agricultural. There were quite a lot of open fields in the middle of the table, but the really relevant terrain pieces were a plantation some way ahead of my deployment area on my left, a village about half way along WotRs base  line, and a vineyard  that was also on his baseline. this rather constrained WotRs deployment area considerably. Indeed he ended up deploying his guys in the area between the vineyard and the village, save for the Irish light foot, thus running more or less from the center of the table to the left of my army.

I had decided to place 4 units of mixed foot on my right, along with he cavalry and the two light horse units. These were to make a rush for WotRs base line, hoping to penetrate through the village and take the camp, and forcing him to redeploy this smaller number of units to stop me flanking him or getting behind him.  I placed the Offensive spearmen and the chariots in the open in the middle, and the last two units of mixed foot to hold the plantation, thus defending the camp. One unit of foot skirmishers were on the left, and one more or less in the center.

It started well enough, with my mounted dashing forward, chasing off his light foot, and zooming on toward the built up area to shoot at the 4 crossbowmen that were holding it. The mixed foot pushed forward also, while the rest of the army stayed more or less still save for pushing forward into the plantation.

WotR more or less came forward in an arc, resting one flank on the village, while pushing out toward the plantation. I managed to shoot up the guys in the village, and spread the fire of the longbow-men enough that no one unit took too many dice. However the mixed foot units on my right almost left me down completely.. one stubbornly refused to roll a CMT to line up with the others to charge WotRs guys, despite the +2 for an IC. Another unit charged the 3 remaining crossbowmen in the village, and managed to lose the impact (it was ++, I hit on a 3, he on a 5) and then compounding the issue by falling to to fragmented. If did start to win the melee though, saving itself from a meeting with he headsman later. On top of this a unit of WotRs bill-men was taking advantage of my inability to roll a 6 or better on 2d6 to push though in the center, taking advantage of the gap between my right and center. I had to move the chariots and offensive spearmen up to close the gap, into range of the much feared longbow-men to set up an intercept charge. WotR drove some bill-men at the offensive spearmen, and the chariots really needed to charge the guys in front of them also.

The whole time a more or less pointless bunch of shooting had been taking place around the plantation. but now, it seemed, one of the two units there was going to have to go forward in support of the spear, which was really spread too thin. Meanwhile absolutely nothing was happening on my right (where the fight was supposed to take place, according to the PLAN) except the crossbowmen in the village were beat by the fragmented guys, and WotRs decided to play the winners with his light foot. Despite me being fragmented, this did not work out very well for him, and the Kerns got pounded.

So, I was fighting in entirely the place where I had not planned to. Great. Except that the charging Mixed foot unit, coming out of the plantation, managed to step forward into the 8 man longbow unit, which fragmented on impact.

At this stage WotR had lost 2 units, and 3 more were fragmented – the billmen fighting the heavy chariots were down to 50%, and fragmented, and the billmen fighting the offensive spearmen and mixed unit both were fragmented and horribly outnumbered. the lone frontage of chinese mixed unit fighting the 8 man longbow unit was holding on, and when the chinese got freed up was going to lose as well.  So we decided to call it.

So what happened? Well my plan sort of worked, I stretched him out and put him in a concave line, which allowed much less of his guys to focus his fire. Having said that, WotR had terrible dice, getting much fewer hits than he should shooting, and the one unit he had room to concentrate on was the Armored Offensive Spear, and they were in combat, so he needed a 5.

I’m thinking with better dice the result gets reversed, myself, but I’ll take it.,…


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