The wanderings of the Fast food Delivery-men

Or the FoG Qin go on the road…

Despite the fact that I have less than half the guys painted, and that poorly, and none are based yet, I decided to go to “Phil’s battle attic” to pit the Qin chinese against some 25mm opponent. I thought it was to be Mark’s Late republican romans, the surprise losers in our first outing, but instead it was Dan’s evil french ordinance knighty boys of doom. And yes, I know this is wildly out of period, but I’ll take the games I’m, given, 25mm lead not being all that common.

I used the same list as last time, and found myself looking at 4 groups of 4 Superior heavily armoured knights. That was almost enough to make me want to pick up and go home, but the rest of the enemy was less impressive… 2 groups of 8 longbowmen, 3 groups of skirmishers, 2 four strong, and a bunch of poor longbowmen as some sort of bizarre french cheering section.

I chose the field, and picked agricultural, with 3 uneven areas, and one rough. Dan picked some opens , an obligatory uneven, and a road. The terrain went down fairly well for me, with 2 large uneven patches in the middle of the board away from the edge, one on my left,  the other more on Dan’s side on my right.

For deployment on my left, facing the uneven ground, I placed all 6 of the mixed units of medium foot.  The chariots and armoured spear were on the right of that lot, and the skirmishers, light horse, and cavalry on my right. Dan placed all his skirmishers and a unit of decent longbowmen facing the medium foot, his units of knights en haie across the middle, and another unit of longbow at the far end. His plan was to dispute the uneven ground with my medium foot with his lights.  His poor longbow lurked at the back of  his light foot.

My plan was to, at this stage, drive the mixed foot forward into Dan’s lights, and bust them up, with any luck taking the mediums with them. In the center I’d try and avoid as many of the knights as I could, and on my right try and make something happen with the lights and skirmishers,.

Dan’s plan appeared to be to crush me into small pieces in the middle with his knights, and hold me up everywhere else.

Though we more or less followed the plans, a couple of surprises were contained in the execution. I was unable to make anything happen with the light troops and cavalry. I definitely used them less well than I should, not managing to get very many around the open flank. I clearly need to work on that, that needs to happen better.

My medium foot trundled forward, caught his skirmishers, and pushed them back. Interestingly we found that they were not going to do that great against his longbow, because the main unit involved was disrupted. I need to make sure I employ these guys “clean” they need all the dice they can get.

In the centre, Dan lost by pernicious dice.  2 of the units of knights were tied up with light horse and light foot. the other 2 units headed toward the armoured spear and the chariots. The armoured spear fell back (on examination of the charts I needed to leave ’em there, they were well able to look after themselves) and the chariots sat, while one unit of  mixed foot moved up on the chariots left,  trying to remember where they packed the anti-cavalry stakes.  The idea was to have them on the flank of anything engaging the chariots, though things were looking thin for the weelie boys facing 2 units of knights.

It worked partially, though. Dan had to adjust his leftmost (my point of view)  pack of knights to acknowledge the mixed unit, so only 4 guys charged the wheelie boys. then Dan’s dice exploded, leaving a horrid mess all over the table. The knights only had 2 advantaged dice on impact with the chariots, and I rolled 2 hits, he only one. Then in combat, I got 4 hits, a knight died, they went disordered and the general died too, disrupting the other knight group. ( cannot remember if we rolled for the first, engaged group for seeing the general run over by a delivery van). On Dan’s right one group of skirmishers was dead, another about to be charged by medium foot, and the poor longbow were next on the list.  While I had failed to achieve much on my right, I had not got myself boxed in, either, so he had nothing happening there. So we called it a chinese victory at this stage.

The only thought I have here is how, in FoG, am I going to minimise the effect of a blown die roll or 2. Clearly you need to look at more average, capable, units, so if one fold, the strength of the army is not critically reduced; rather than a situation where if one or 2 of certain units are lost, the game is over, pack it up.

But I have no idea how to achieve that.


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