Russian Assault gun battle report #2

Well, after the my stunning failure to achieve anything worthwhile with my Flames of War soviet assault guns (for the account of  my stunning failure see here) I decided to try again. Pursuing failure with such vigor, and dare I say it, success, will not surprise those who know me at all.

I invited another friend, Mark, over to play on the same table as before. Not a particularly attractive set up, but I was far too lazy to change it. Mark showed up with some Welsh guardsmen from A bridge to far. He had something like….

HQ 2 Cromwell, 2 Cromwell CS
C1 3 Cromwell, 1 Challenger
C2 3 Cromwell, 1 Challenger

The there were 2 other platoons, but I have no idea what they were. Stuarts, I think, and some infantry maybe. I had the same list as last time.

In any case, his obvious goal was to zoom around the board and get side shots on my tanks, something that was going to be made even worse by my hull mounted guns (this meaning I would have to move to shoot him, making him even harder to hit). His Cromwells could move twice as fast as my guys and were harder to hit into the bargain. However if I could corner him, and concentrate my guys, I should be able to give him a big problem.

We rolled up a scenario.. Cauldron. Neither of us wanted to defend in cauldron, we’d be stuck in the middle, in his case with no where to hide and run, in my case with his guys popping up behind me everywhere and hitting me with ease. And then luck took over. Mark lost the roll to be the attacker (as we are both armour companies we roll to see who will attack) so he was stuck in the middle of the board.

Then for my Random deployment I rolled a 5 and a 6 for the 2 platoons I had on the board. So both assault gun companies started right by each other. I put them in a wood using the tankodesani to fend off Mark’s immediate ambush. It was not going to be an easy game for Mark, that was clear.

He moved his challengers up to get a couple of shots at my tanks while the other tanks took cover behind hills and looked for a flank….. and his shots missed missed.

On my move I gave some return shots. On 4 dice I rolled 3 6’s destroying both challengers.

Now mark was stuck trying to get me from the side, in pretty close terrain. He got some hits, but the bounced off, and the return fire was devastating, We were done in 1.5 hours. With a table as dense as this, Mark really never had a chance to use his superior mobility to any great advantage, and my superior dice rolling saw him off. There are some days when even I can do no wrong.

Honestly, though I am reasonably happy with the list, this game did not really prove very instructional for me. I already knew that rolling 6’s results in a win, and that’s all this showed. Going to have to try again here to get a better feel for these guy.


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