Its a miracle.

Look!!! I painted something else (first miracle).  The second miracle is that is could actually be used with something I have painted previously. That seems to be a new departure for me altogether. It is a midwar Soviet light 81mm mortar battery, which conceivably could be used with the 76mm guns from the previous entry,

Having said that, its not a terribly impressive unit. In Midwar, Battlefront allows you to have a 9 gun light mortar battery if you are Soviet. In the rules, this gives a re-roll on hitting and a double area of effect.  Which is useful, because they are conscript and hits in the ruleset are skill based, and that way one has a chance of actually hitting something. Not that one is going to hurt it with a light mortar, but its the thought that counts. And if the target is in the open, they are just as good as 152mm guns.

Late war I think one is only allowed 6 guns, but I suppose that is ok, as now they are trained. Not having the double with beaten zone might be a little sad though.

I painted them in my usual manner … Prime white, paint, wash, highlight. They worked out fine,  I think, and I am quite enjoying this Silfor grass basing thing. I don’t know if it is accurate, but I enjoy doing it, and rather like the look of the finished product.

However, I’m getting a little unhappy with BF. These figures were quite flashy, I had to do a lot of cleaning. I hate cleaning. And then, with 9 guns, there are three (3) crew poses. Every base has the same 3 guys This is pretty boring, and its certainly hard to arrange the figures provided to do anything but BE boring. Added to the fact that the Russians seem to get the same 5 artillery poses, I’m getting a little aggravated. The BF lists provide us with the ability to have a whole lot of guns but they seem to insist that if we buy their product they all look the same.

Added to that, they do not include an observer (admittedly an optional purchase in the army lists) in the blister either. It all seems a little half assed.

Sneaking suspicion they spend all their time and effort doing german variants….


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