This is getting a tad mortifying

As I am adding this, I realise that all the things I have successfully painted and documented here DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING IN COMMON. A true testament to my ability to be distracted, and something I think I had better do something about.

Too late for these chaps, though. Here we have  some more Battlefront/Flames of war Russian 15mm stuff.

Here go the crash-bangs

Its a Tank destruction company, something that is available in most of the Flames of war Late war Russian lists. 4 76mm guns with the upgraded Lend lease US half track tows.

I’m moderately pleased with these, though I did have my usual struggles with the transfers. I really must be doing something wrong with those things, they never seem to work with me.

The platoon does look a little odd with the different colors of the guns and the tows, but the tows were apparently left in the factory colors, so olive drab for them.

I decided not to base the 1/2 tracks, a departure for me, because I wanted to see what they looked like unbased. I rather like the appearance.

I tried something a little new here.. as well as the usual weathering I went over the models with a slight Light grey wash at the end. I seem to have overdone it on a couple of them, but I think the overall effect is worthwhile.

Lend lease M2s

I used the Battlefront bad of Rota crew to liven up the M2s a bit, with some other bits and pieces I had lying around. I’m not sure how long those .50s are going to survive, but the barrels can always be replaced with bristle if the worst happens. I had to mutilate the Halftracks that the Rota gunner is actually in; I could not figure out a way to wedge the poor chap into the Scarff ring that comes with the M2. I don’t find the change that much of an eye sore, and I certainly have seen images of M2/M3/M5 without the pulpit.

One other little complaint I have (yes, I am endlessly complaining, never satisfied) is the Battlefront Russian gun crew…. Same 5 figures, whatever artillery piece one might have. I do wish they would come up with some variants.

Anyways, here are the Guns.

Grubby Soviet artillery

You can see its the same 5 guys on each stand, which is starting to bother me. I went a little crazy with the Silflor and wildflowers on these guys, but I really must admit I like the effect.

As for use in Flames of war; This platoon is moderately useless. AT9 is not going to bother anyoen much in late war, the company cannot bombard. The do get the Soviet reroll misses with 16 if stationary rule but I cannot see that saving their butts.

What the platoon is, is cheap. It is really filler for the average Soviet lists, where the actual combat platoons run large and expensive. Despite that, it does have a couple of redeeming features. The M2s with .50s could be useful, conceivably, and the guns themselves can move 4″  a turn to get into range.

Not great, but one really is not paying that much for it.

I did enjoy painting the Half tracks, and it has kind of encouraged me to have a look at painting a Rota company, with M3s. I’m perfectly happy to proxy the 4 M2s in here, they are identical in stats, and only truly anal retentive players would object….


One comment

  1. Patrick Donnelly

    Many great photos! Any chance of macro shots? Close ups? All you need to do is detach the lens and hold it in front of the camera and you can focus very close to the figures? Any compact camera will have a macro mode?

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