Showing a wargamers true ability to be distracted…

I just finished off these chaps.  Of course, I have absolutely no other WWI middle eastern stuff painted.

25mm WWI Gurkha

And these blokes only made it under the brush because I was terribly tired of seeing them sitting whitely on sticks. The only problem is Im not terribly happy with the job I did on them.

More scruffy Gurhka

Finding the right color was a bit of a challenge. I settled on Vallejo Khaki, because it seems they retained their Indian uniforms which were “classic” Khaki, and this is a fairly close match.  I did all the usual stuff, but I was not really “engaged while painting them I mean, they look alright, but I’m not hugely impressed.

Which, on top of everything else, is a bit of a pity. The figures are Eureka Miniatures 25mm, “true 25mm and very nice too. They deserved a more enthusiastic job, really.

I cannot recommend the figures highly enough, though, full of character, come with their own slotted base. I think I used some of mine that I had lying there, but a nice touch. I have always been happy with Nic Robsons stuff, I have some 15mm of his I use for Flames of War, and they really are wonderful.

I don’t know what the availability of 25mm mid eat Indians is for the great war, but these lads are in the right kit as far as I can tell, and reallly are very nicely done. You should all dash out and buy some.

And then paint them properly to make up for my lackluster job.


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