I have no idea at all

why I painted these blokes. I have no axis forces of any description. Except this one platoon.

Hungarian 149mm battery

Old old guns

Here we have an Hungarian 149mm gun battery. It shows up in the new eastern front book, but I believe when I painted it, I was thinking about some form of Hungarian cavalry thing. As much as I ever think about anything, I suppose.

Just the 4 guns and the staff and command stands. the figures are the battlefront ones, but I decided to get the actual guns from Quality Castings, because they had the right ones. I’m certainly not saying that the ones battlefront are offering are hugely different, but one may as well have the right ones….

WWI artillery FTW

Terrifying WWI artillery

I was interested in trying to paint the 3 color camouflage also. I think it came out alright, if not remarkable. These are the same guns the Austro-Hungarian army  used in World war one, and do indeed look like it. Skoda manufacture, I think. Before they started the whole car thing.

I did go a little to town on the staff stand, using a FIAT car I had lying around, that apparently the Hungarian army used in  WWII. I also used a tripod binocular thing for the spotter,  again, just because I had it.

I’m mildly curious how they manage to put the car into the truck provided for the staff team (which I’ve not painted yet, of course) but its only a FIAT, maybe they can put it on the roof rack or something.

Here is the command, staff and spotter stands.

Goulash eater command

If anyone out there is (a) reading this and (b) has any suggestion what to do with these, I’d be happy to entertain them.


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