Further Adventures in photography

I decided to attempt to alter the color of some of the photos I’d taken; in the grand tradition of fixing my mistakes as I am too dumb to do it right the first time. On finding that iPhoto had some basic adjustment controls, I lowered the saturation and temperature of some other photos I took Sunday of things I had painted. I think the new ones are a little more successful.

En avant, mes enfants

These are some very old Wargames Foundry French world war one figures.

Where is Kirk douglas when you need him?

In fact, I am quite embarrassed when I realise how old they are, and quite how long it took me to paint them.

Never mind, they look all right. they are the older non-blocky 25mm style, and I think I prefer it. The color of the coat looks a bit light when I compare it to “A very long Engagement“. color looks fine when I compare it to “Paths of Glory” though.

Honestly, I thought the lighter blue would look better than the one in the recent movie. I may be wrong, but we’ll see.

These blokes should eventually be used in our local WWI skirmish games. Provided, of course, anyone paints any late war stuff.


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